Neckforms for Forging

Hello, I need some help. I am looking for a really high quality neck
form for forming/forging collars. I have purchased 2 over the last
year and both are not very good. They were from 2 separate equipment
co’s. we all use. They are different sizes and shapes so I thought
that perhaps the 2nd would be better, it isn’t. Both of them have
dips in the contours of the neck shape. They are both well polished
but you can’t get a nice smooth contour if you are forming into a
lumpy surface. Anyone out there know of a good German product? I say
German because these are both made in some far off low tech country
by the looks of them. No disrespect to low tech manufacturers, I am
always saying you get what you pay for, I didn’t pay much so I can’t
expect much. It would be nice however, if some of the equipment Co’.s
here in the states started carrying better quality goods, {You all
know who you are}. I am getting tired of being overwhelmed with
choices that are all 2nd quality. Does every company have to start
following the Wal-mart business model? Well, I didn’t mean this to
turn into a rant, so if anyone know a great source for forging
equipment let me know OK? thanks in advance.


Dear Dennis, my work is 90% forged and I worked for two people that
did the neck forms you are speaking of. Doug Legenhausen formerly of
steiff silver and richard messina. both of them used NO Form to forge
on. I have done a number of the neck forms also and find them to be a
nightmare, every neck and chest being different. instead of wasting
your time looking for the perfect neck form try making a gig like a
pipe bender would use to adjust your angles. or make your bends more
dramatic than needed and forge them open. good luck and HAMMER DOWN