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Navel /Nipple Rings

Thanks for the plug. I have spentthe last several years designing
jewelry for a wide variety of locations on the body. Why not a little
gold and diamond labia ring or a nice lapis cabuchon in an ear plug?
We live in a culture that has certain accepted practicesand others
that are thought of weird for no good reason. It is time we look
outside the box of whatwe call the norm.The moral majority, remember
them.It is their tendency to look at all behaviors out side their
practices as strange if not immoral. Yet look at all the strange
things we do without even thinking they are strange. Men scrape all
the hair off their faces daily to look young. Women pull all the hair
out of their legs on waxen rags. We drink fermented chemicals to help
us act in illogical and sometimes irresponcible ways. Women and some
men color their hair with powerful chemicals so that they appear to
have more fun. Millions rush to the beach to lie under the cancerous
rays of the sun. Male infants have the ends of their penises cut off
as a means to reduce the pleasure of masturbation. Yes the Christian
churches have encouraged circumcision for this very reason for
hundreds of years. Women fill bags of saline solution in their chest
so as to appear as if they are lactating. Both men and women drive to
the gym towork out and then wait impatiently in front of an elevator
instead of taking the stairs for exercise. So, I would say that navel
rings are a rather minor variation of the customs we currently have.
If a young healthy woman wants to catch the eye of the opposite sex, I
say she is much better off buying a navel ring than buying another
pair of earrings. Thanks, Etienne Perret Designing Colored Diamond
Jewels @etienne_perret 20 Main St Camden,
Maine USA 04843 tel.+207.236.9696 fax.+207.236.9698