Natural gas and flashback arrestors

Dear all, I’ve been following the recent thread on natural gas vs.
propane with great interest and would appreciate hearing from those
of you with workshops at home who are running a single torch off
piped-in natural gas. What are you using for a flashback arrestor on
the gas line? Currently I am using my Meco Midget torch with an
arrestor only on the oxygen line (at the regulator). The
corresponding fuel arrestor, once installed, did not allow any flow
through. I assume this was due to lack of adequate gas pressure for
this type of arrestor, meant for compressed gases with regulators,
but the plumber was unable to come up with an alternative. Any
thoughts on where to find low-pressure arrestors for this kind of
small scale residential operation? I love using natural gas and find
the pressure more than enough for all of my soldering needs including
platinum work, but this safety issue is keeping me up at night.
Thanks in advance for any advice… and for the mountains of helpful
I’ve lurked over in the past!