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National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame


Thought Orchid might be interested in this award begun by the
Florida Society of Goldsmiths. For more contact me

(A not for profit organization)

The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame =AE dedicated to honoring
metalsmiths with exceptional careers as well as recognizing
others for their significant achievements in related fields, and
to foster an appreciation of metalsmithing by collecting,
preserving, exhibiting and making this available to
those interested.

The very first recipient of this award will be Kurt Matzdorf,
emeritus, Suny, New York. It will be presented at Wildacres, NC
on July 1st, 1999 at 8:00pm. In the future it is anticipated that
there will be four (4) participants as listed below.

Artist, those who have consistently produced works of art,
including designers. Educators, includes directors, curators,
marketing & development personnel, etc. Individuals or couples,
those that support the art of metalsmithing by volunteering,
collecting, exhibiting, financial contributions or any other
means of support. business patrons, those not falling into any
of the above categories, however have met the criteria as
described above, and made a major contribution to the field of

For further details and sponsoring The National Metalsmiths Hall
of Fame, please contact or


The Florida Society of Goldsmiths is ready to distribute the
nomination forms for the National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame award. If
you would like to nominate someone for the award, please contact me
at the following address:

            Gini Rollins, Executive Director
            Florida Society of Goldsmiths
            719 Central Ave.
            St. Petersburg, FL  33701
            (727)  550-2052
            Email:  @GINIROLL

Awards will be given in 4 categories: Artist, Arts Educator,
Individuals/couples, and Business Patrons. The review panel this
year consists of John Cogswell, Jean Stark, Alan Revere, Tim
McCrieght, Barbara Simon, and Evelyn Chittendon. None of these
people are eligible to receive the award at this time.