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Nanz Aalund - Jewelry Gallery


Nanz Aalund Art Jewelry
Seattle, Washington. USA

Having been prescribed multiple medications in pill form over the last year, many costing hundreds of dollars each month, the artist grew to see these costly medications as precious items deserving of finer, more portable, more intimate containers than the bulky, generic, orange/red plastic bottles they were dispensed in from the pharmacy.

Basing her work in the fine craft tradition founded during the "Arts and Crafts" movement (1860 - 1910) the artist set herself the task of making fine pill boxes many of which would be hinged and clasped for portability, making them a hand-crafted utilitarian object.

Box exteriors give subtle indications of the promise/or lack thereof held by the medication within. Curved edges and textured surfaces give an aesthetically soothing experience, both visual and tactile. While the crisp “snap” of the closures gives audible reassurance. Distressed, oxidized, and softened finishes plainly showing hand-manufacturing tracks are intentionally part of the finished works.

"What a Pill" is the series of pill boxes in Etched and Roll-printed Copper, Brass, Sterling Silver, and Gold resulting from the artist’s perception.

Materials: Roll-print silver, 22-k & 18-k details Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 - inch

Boudoir Medicine Repository: Roll-print silver, 22-k & 18-k details. $1500.?

Photo credit: Doug Yaple



Materials: Roll-print silver, 1920s Ivory typewriter key, 18-k gold closures.
Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 x .75 - inch

#4: Square Roll-print silver, 1920s Ivory typewriter key, 18-k gold closures.

Photo credit: Doug Yaple


Royal Dalek pill box

Materials: Sterling Silver, 18-k, and rutillated quartz
Dimensions: 1.25 x 2.5 - inch

Royal Dalek: Roll-print silver, rutilated quartz, 18-k push-button closure. $900.?

Photo credit: Doug Yaple