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Name that kiln liner

About 16 months ago I found out about a newish kiln liner. It is
white and about 1/8" thick. It comes with some kind of binder in it
which has to be burned off first and when you spill enamel on it you
let it cool and then a thin layer of the liner flakes off and you
have a clean surface to work on. I Loved it. I bought a nice sheet of
it for my kiln and the kiln with the fiber floor where I taught. I
was done with kiln wash and shelves for the entire 16 months. It is
getting a little thin in the middle now from all the flaking off of
layers so I went to order a new one.


When my husband was working on my computer he deleted ALL of my
bookmarks and apparently they weren’t included in the back up. It’s
been a pretty big problem, of course I have no idea what this wonder
kiln liner is called. I have no idea who the company is I bought it
from since I simply had it bookmarked. The box of receipts from last
year is in the end of the attic and is really hard to reach.

Does anyone know what this stuff was and where to get it again? I
tried something Delphi told me sounded like it but it’s not. Their
version is more line a thin blanket and the kiln furniture gets
snagged on it when there is a little glass on the floor of the kiln.

It is not a “blanket”

It is not kiln paper which is destroyed by each use.

It starts out flexible enough to cut with a knife and then after you
burn out the binder it becomes more rigid and fragile.

I talked to Axner, Delphi, Tevel in NY and Thompson.

Now I’m asking the real experts…you.

Someone out there has to know what I’m talking about.

Thanks! Karen (in Chicago where it’s finally cool enough for the
kiln to feel good when it’s on)

There used to be one just as you describe about 2 years ago from
Thompson, called kiln blanket but no longer available. The new
product from them is flatter and harder.

Donna in VA

There used to be one just as you describe about 2 years ago from
Thompson, called kiln blanket but no longer available. The new
product from them is flatter and harder. 

Actually, flatter and harder is what I want!

I talked to Thompson today and Theresa said “oh yes, somebody
requested we carry this about a year ago and it’s been real popular
ever since.”

That was me…except they forgot to call me back and tell me they
have it, and my catalog still calls it a blanket. It’s not.

It is a lovely product for the enamelist who enamels both sides at
once, has some slight spillage and never wants to scrape and re-coat
a kiln shelf again.

It’s PH-4 despite the fact that your catalog may call it a blanket.


Can the the Ph-4 blanket be cut to size. It is 13"X13" and I need a
12 X12" one. If it can be cut, what tool can be used? Will it
require a special saw, or can one use scissors?


The same product can be purchased from for a much
lower price. It is listed as Item# 25FP1, Fiber Paper Sheet 1/8" 24"
x 24" $12.95. Thompson’s price is about the same for a 13.5" x 13.5"

I use a large piece to cover the entire kiln floor and a smaller
piece in the middle where spills happen. The large piece lasts
practically forever.

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Right, after I ran out of the softer kind, I ordered the harder one.
Haven’t used it yet, though as I still had some of the soft stuff
left. My students always get upset when they see the flash and burn
as the coating burns off…want to evacuate the building! Harder and
flatter product is a bit harder to cut.

I used a heavy sharp knife to cut it. I think I also used a pair of
heavy tin snips for a smaller piece for a teaching kiln. It cuts
fairly well and doesn’t get fragile until after the first burn out.
Even then I found it easy enough to take out and clean off, it comes
with easy burn out directions. As I said, I enamel both sides of my
tiles in one firing so I get a fair amount of spill. Using my first
one for over a year means that someone who enamels more tidily than
I do is likely to get a much longer use!