NAIA and Artfair Sourcebook


I can’t recall much, if any, discussion on Orchid about Artfair
Souecebook, but this is a resource I have come to depend upon for
sorting out what shows to apply to, and to keep track of deadlines
and other details. If there is any other source for reliable art
fair reviews and info, I don’t know of it-- so please clue me in!

I just received the impssioned communique’ below, and think it is
worth sharing, both for the offer of a discount, and for the heads
up about the existance and mission of NAIA. I hope you agree.


Commercial Email Replaced with URL

OK, well, you didn’t end up seeing the “impassioned communique’”…

Greg Lawler, owner of the Artfair Sourcebook, spoke at the
conference for show directors organized by NAIA. He was so impressed
with what NAIA is doing that he is offering a 30% discount for new
or returning subscribers if they re-up–and join NAIA-- by April 15.
I’m not sure where you can find this info if you don’t get his
email, but it is a small organization (Artfair Sourcebook, I mean)
and if you phone or email them, you will get a response from Greg.