Mystery earring backs

Hi All;

Well, I got a strange request today from one of my accounts. Seems
his customer claims she has some sort of earring posts/backs that
are a combination of omega type clips and screw backs. I’ve never
seen such a thing, and I can’t even imagine how such a thing would
work, and of course, I won’t get to see these marvels. Anybody hear
of such creatures of the findings world? Thanks in advance, and
please, go ahead, shake your head and/or laugh. Don’t you just love
this business?

David L. Huffman


I think it’s nothing more than an Omega clip with a POST and instead
they used a threaded posts and gave the customer the threaded back

David Geller

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Hi, David,

I haven’t seen omega-screws, but I have seen screw-clips-- maybe
that is what the customer was thinking of. They are clips that have
a screw in the middle, so the tension is very adjustable but then
stays adjusted as the clip is flipped up and down. Unlike omegas,
though, these won’t work with posts. They’re not very classy…
They’re on page 646 of the new Rio catalog.


The company I work for manufactures several styles that has a
pierced post and an omega clip. The omega puts pressue on the ear
lobe. Never heard of this in combination with a screw back. I can
not even imagine a practical verion of that. Could your customer be
speaking of the above configuration?

Good luck David!

I think they might be referring to “EarQualizer” which is sold
through Stuller. If you have the findings book or can login in to
their website it is #22276. It looks basically like a regular nut
with a small omega back soldered to it. I don’t think it screws on
though, I think it is friction. I tried one on my ear once and it
seemed to keep the heavy stud from “drooping” in the front. I can’t
say it worked any better than a jumbo back or one of those little
plastic washer discs though.

Leslie Anne Wright Macy

Hi Noel;

I haven't seen omega-screws, but I have seen screw-clips 

These I know about, but this customer claims these are for pierced
ears, have threaded posts, but the nut is on a hinged part that clips
down like an omega. Again, my first thought is, this is a jewelry
customer, not a jeweler, and it’s likely they can’t describe what
they have. Of course, what makes this worse is that it’s coming to me
through a third party, a jewelry seller, also not a jeweler. I’ll
keep looking, and I appreciate suggestions from Orchidians, but I’m
very close to the point where I’m not going to expend any more energy
on this. Thanks all.

David L. Huffman

Try looking on page 336 #22276 in the stuller findings catalog. They
call it the earqualizer. Hope this helps.


Hi David,

In my early days at the bench, I do remember seeing clip-on earring
findings that had a screw-back style top, so that the earring tension
could be adjusted by the user. The screw was placed where the open
loop is on the omega back. I haven’t seen anything like that in many
years, so can’t offer any resources. Maybe you can laser a
frankenstein version together!

Best of luck,
Melissa Veres, Engraver

Hi Leslie;

I think they might be referring to "EarQualizer" which is sold
through Stuller. 

I just emailed you off forum, but now I realize I know the things
you are describing. I don’t know if that’s what the customer has. It
might very well be. Those are basically used to keep heavy stud
earrings from facing downward. My problem is, it’s not my customer,
she’s nowhere near me, and even if she were, my account doesn’t want
me having access to his customer (which, frankly, is fine with me,
since they seem to be rather problematic). I’ll continue with this
and get back to everyone when this “mystery” is solved.

David L. Huffman

Stuller sells these but only in yellow gold and with a cup on the
front for a pearl. (Last time I checked…)

The cup would be pretty easy to change to a head.

Stanley Bright
A&M Jewelers
Baltimore, MD

Try looking on page 336 #22276 in the stuller findings catalog.
They call it the earqualizer. 

You can also see this on line at the Stuller site. Very interesting!
I stared at it for a while before it made sense, but I guess it
would work to keep an earring from tipping down. Has anyone tried
these? It looks like a standard earring nut with a
kinda-omega-shaped loop of wire attached to one edge like an
outrigger. I’m not at all sure it is what was asked for, though–
there is no screw component.


mystery solved

Hi All;

Well, I finally got a hold of the jeweler who originally provided my
account’s customer with the mysterious combination omega/screw back
earrings. Turns out, my first guess was right, and the same as a
number of suggestions I got from you folks (thanks Noel and others).
These are the friction back earrings with an adjustable pad in the
back, actually designed to accommodate a pearl. Typical case of a
description being translated through several non-jewelers.
Meanwhile, in speaking with the jeweler, who was very pleasant and
helpful, I found out she is an experienced pearl stringer working in
Boston. Now I don’t have to pester my wife to do it. Thanks for all
the helpful suggestions.

David L. Huffman