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My work area at back of store


Once you sneak past the counter from the sales floor you enter my workroom. to the right of the door is my bang it all out bench. which includes my durston rolling mill.

Looks like I will have to add the other pictures as their own posts because even though I’ve been a member for 9 years, I’m still considered a new poster and limited to 1 pic


Then in the center of the room, I have three work stations. It is also an area I can spread things out when changing out displays. The true purpose is of course for my students having a space to work.


The left side of the room has a wash area, steamer, polishing and so on. At the back you can just see the Orion station which also doubles as my gem identification area. The Orion I bought from Rio and had it the next day.


The back of the work room. Includes my computer, which is networked to the rest of the computers in the store that runs the POS software. My favorite chair, so easy on my back. To the right of this area is where the Orion sits and the gem identification area is.


And finally, from the doorway of my walk in safe room. A look at my bench, which sits across from the computer desk. That little black spinner for bits I also got from Rio, talk about a life saver on keeping the little bits organized.