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My solution for the Cloud Dome

Hi All, I just made myself a cloud dome-type system for photgraphing
my jewelry that works quite well, although I’m not saying it’s
perfect. Check out Walmart…in the kitchen plastics…there I
found a great semi-translucent “cake cover”…it’s large …13" in
daimeter x 7" high and comes with a white plastic base. I took off
the handle and cut a hole just large enough for my digital camera
lens…centered on the top. I’ve made different color backgrounds
the same size as the interior platform out of matt board and floor
tiles ( and keep them stored inside the cake cover) and also have
tried using my small slide light table for lighting from underneath
for settings with semi-transparent stones. I wrap my camera in a
white fabric that is not transparent…I think it is a drapery fabric
lining ( the anti-sunlight darkening type), so none of the color
seeps into the “dome” except for the lens. You can get remnants of
this stuff at JoAnns for $1.00. If I feel any color is penetrating
the plastic from the outside, I use white matt board flash-type cards
around the exterior. I use my Ott light, and place the whole thing
under “natural sun-type florescents” and would like to to try adding
some of lights that were mentioned here today. My system didn’t cost
$500 bucks…probably just under $20. yet does a pretty good job.
Must say I was impressed w/ the results myself!

Mary Ann Archer

Mary Ann, Is it possible for you to post a jpg of the result of your
cake dome setup? I would be interested to see what the photography
looks like.

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