My personal choice of diamond setting tools and why

Practice Easier Diamond Setting - Tools Explained in Details

I have been asked of my choice of tools, on many an occasion. This is
another jewellery resource Educational programs…

Well after some careful deliberation, I have compiled a detailed list
of some necessary items that every setter should have within arms
reach. All of these items should be, as I just stated, “within arms
reach”.! Not forcing your hand or your fore-arm to mess up some
diamonds laying systematically on your bench. But your tools should
be carefully laid out, basically, on the side of your bench-top.

My personal choice of diamond setting tools and why!

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A very detailed and thoughtful post, Gerry.

Thank you.

Personally the stress of setting is a little too much for me.

I set a large blue topaz recently for a class project, and I was
sweating as I was doing it, worrying that I would shear the topaz.
When I finished I felt a great relief, and realised that it’s worth
paying a setter :wink:

Regards Charles A.