My new jewelry web TV show

I have released a new weekly jewelry web TV show and would very much
like everyone’s comments and suggestions. There is a section for
comments below the video. Thanks for all of your help!

Here is the link:

Gary Martin

Sure, the techniques were presented well. I did feel like you were
talking to children, but it’s early days for your show, and this
will change over time.

There was a show here in Australia many years ago, called “The
Curiosity Show”, basically it was a group of scientists that educated
people by conducting experiments and explaining scientific
principles, but still having fun. The way they presented would be
very effective with your show.

Here’s an example :- The Curiosity Show: How A Thermos Works - YouTube

I liked your show. Loved the bloopers.

Regards Charles

Just wanted to let everyone know the next episode is available.

I want to thank everyone for their support. And if you click on the
word comments below the video you can leave your comments and

Gary F. Martin Ph.D.
Bad Frog Creative