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My latest glasses

My latest glasses. diamonds and Continuum.

Have fun, I did, and make lots of jewelry. 

They are beautiful!

I’ll bet you DID have fun!

Thanks for posting images.

Pam Chott

Stunning! Beautiful design.

Thank you for sharing.

Kind regards,


Excellent style- Love the temples design (some people call em 'arms’
that hook over the ears) and the hinge system is fascinating.;it
seems as though instead of the odd number of interlocking "barrels"
you either hid them, or just directly connected the temples to the
frame front with the large end of one of the- i suppose you’d call
em French curves. brilliant! I guess you did the engraving on the
endpieces on the frame front too! My main question is, regarding the
lenses: are they held in place just with the tension on the rims (or
half rims!) or did you use something like crystal or GS cement? What
are the lenses made of. I am really curious I have done a few
glasses and oxford style temple-less specs for clients and really
like working with the person to get a good design and love it when
they want non-traditional (usually light-weight) materials. One thing
that really impressed me was the placement of the stones on the
temples in your design- it was nice to see that it wasn’t a
repetition all the way down the temple.

I KNOW you had fun making these! Great work

Best, R.E.R

Very nifty, Jo. Now we need a photo of you modeling the glasses.

Judy in Kansas, where the University is delighted with last night’s
football game result. Now what bowl game is likelye

Wow! Those are really great! Beautiful.

Beautifully engineered. Mazel Tov!

Linda Kaye-Moses

Really fun to see those, appreciate the multiple views. Beautiful

Those glasses are just gorgeous. Beautifully made. Alma

Such a lovely design!

Hi Jo,

I’ve taken the eye glass workshop many years ago from a lady I think
was in Oregon. I could tell you all the numbers, but can’t remember
her name.

I love these eye glasses. So much so, are you taking orders?


Finally able to make a fist of sorts, and dreaming of punching out
the owner of the house I rented last summer.

Beautifull glasses! A quick question about a different kind of
glasses. Does anyone know where I can order prescription glasses for
enameling and soldering that I can also use for fabrication? I
remember hearing something about this a while ago on this site. Any
help would be usefull for this old man!

Aggie, the teacher with whom you studied eyeglass making was Deb
Stoner. She used to be on the faculty of Oregon College of Art and
Craft. I was fortunate to be able to take a number of classes with
her many years ago—forging, lost wax casting-- etc., but missed
out on the eyeglass making class. She is an outstanding teacher, and
what I do well, I learned from her. Alma

Chris- Do you mean that you are looking for pre made frames to be
decorated? The prescription lens are cut to fit the glasses after
they are made. I wish I knew where to send you but I don’t know
squat about the optometry business. I’m just a metal smith making
this stuff up as I go along. I’d love to get my hands on some optical
frame plastics myself.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry
Jo Haemer

Aggie- Thanks for the kind words. The workshop you took was from Deb
Stoner who lives up here in Oregon. I remember about 20 some odd
years ago seeing her show Op Art at OCAC. She has been a huge
inspiration to me and has helped me tremendously by showing me some
really important tips.

I’d luuuv to make you some glasses. At this point it takes me on
average 30 hours of labour to make a pair. So I start them out at
$3000.00 wholesale.

If your fist is not up to the task of making a point with the former
rental owner I’ll be happy to help. Just as soon as my right thumb
recovers from a nasty hammer blow.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hi…I am in California, and I have several! plastic lens I bought
at a antique shop. If you are interested e mail offline

Your glasses are wonderful.


Jo…it’s a place I heard about awhile ago that you can send your
prescription for glasses…in my case tri focals. They can be used
as regular working glasses but also protect your eyes when soldering.
You can send your frames with the prescription. Had a concussion last
year and have some cognitive issues when working and thought they may
help. Thanks for replying.