My initial learning was in copper

My initial learning was in copper

My initial apprenticeship was copper, low cost, good malleability, good welding, improved sawing training, tool making, good polishing experience and a good study of electroplating silver baths.

What do you talk about, which is the best way for beginners, how did you start?


What kind of solder do you use ?

Some of my students have been wanting to experiment with copper , but in our shop we only have silver or gold solders ( we make our alloys ) but I’ve never made or had copper solder , if any one has a formula for copper solder that could be a lot of fun .

Hi Yves,

It will be great to talk about copper soldering. I make my own copper solder alloys.

Generally I use copper alloy with silver but I also made copper with zinc. I try to put a little silver to lighten not much weld and do not give much contrast.

As for% of the parts of each metal I use 80% copper to 20% silver for strong solder , and 70% copper to 30% silver for medium solder, weak solder usually 50% copper and 50% silver.

My torch is not very powerful, so. I use charcoal next to the part that will receive the solder to increase the temperature and the solder melts better.

I use the sodium tetraborate decahydrate flux.

I’m sorry, my English is not good.



Thank you Carlos , I will make you’re solders and try them , where are you ? What’s you’re home language ?

Carlos your english is better than many americans. Im not kidding. Dont apologise :wink: i began by learning to solder jump rings. Usually silver. Then polishing. Again mostly on silver.

Carlos, your work is lovely! And your English is just fine! I also began working with copper because it was less expensive & I was afraid of making mistakes with the more expensive silver. But I find I still work with copper a great deal because I’ve come to appreciate the different colors, patinas and effects you can achieve with it. Now I often combine it with silver or even brass in some pieces. I’ve been trying for years to find a good copper solder, one that is a good color match, but with no luck. I’ll try your “recipe”! Thanks for sharing it. It never occurred to me to make my own. Live and learn!