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My content on the Web! :)


Hi Folks,

I just visited the ArtMetal Web site and noticed some content I developed is
posted there. It’s not “finished”, and in my mind was published prematurely,
but I’d be interested in your feedback. I need to add a few photo images from
the studio (already shot), but it’s apparently been deemed functional.

The subject is “soldering non-ferrous metals”, i.e., silver soldering, and
it’s under the “Features” section.

I’d be interested in any feedback!


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC



Have 3 phones now!!! IBM, Vocaltec, and COOLTALK… Vocaltec worked, Like
NOW… Problem is they give you a 60 talking demo… then purchase at $50.00.

COOLTALK is adjusted … if I have someone on the other end to talk at …
it may work !!! Still the best function… IBM … can’t get anyone
to answer… names provided but not answer…


At 03:46 AM 11/10/96 UT, you wrote: