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Muslim Jewellery

I am currently performing a market survey in the Richmond,
Virginia USA area to determine the availability and market for
silver rings and jewelry.  As you may be aware, Muslim men by
religion do not wear gold, and the Islamic community in Richmond
is growing.  If I can determine the demand to suit this
population in addition to any other, and find a source of supply
that can provide high quality merchandise at a price that will
allow me to be competitive with established retail outlets, I
will place an order.

William I think you should check out your source of information
that Muslim men only wear silver. I have lived in 2 Moslem
countries, Iran & Indonesia, & have traveled throughout the
Middle East. Believe me, I never saw any men wearing silver.
Silver is a cheap metal to them. They would not wear anything
less than 18 K gold, normaly it is 24 K. Oh boy did they wear
gold! Hate to rain on your parade. Win