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Hi, I’m wanting to use something in a piece of jewelry that
resembles glass in it’s transparency, yet wouldn’t be likely to
scratch if it’s used as sort of a frame to contain small movable
pieces. Any suggestions as to what might work, and available
sources for the material? thanks. Lori Colina-Lee

G’day Lori; Some watchmakers have - or are able to obtain -
transparent synthetic corundum (colourless ruby or sapphire) which
they use to replace ordinary watchglasses their customers keep
rendering useless with repeated scratches. I know because I’ve had
mine changed! And having a hardness of 9, not much other than
tungsten carbide or diamond will scratch it. But: it’s not cheap!!

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How about clear, transparent quartz?

Dos Manos Jewelry
Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Lori:

Do you know a watch maker that can get saphire crystals? A Rolex
dealer can get them.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

How about optical quartz? Jerry from Kodiak

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Hi; A real good choice would be to have a lapidarist cut the piece
from quartz crystal . that is hard enough to resist most scratches
but inexpensive enough to obtain some reasonably sized pieces.

Hope that this is of some help .
R L Powell

Lorandi, you might check with your local watch maker about saphire
crystals for watches. they are a man made saphire that is clear
and just about scratch proof as far as i can tell. they may be a
little pricey for what you have in mind but would be the easiest
thing i can think of. Frank Houston, tx.

Clear quartz (rock crystal) would probably be a good choice. It is
hard enough to resist most scratching, but can be cut without
expensive diamond abrasives. It is also reasonably inexpensive.


resembles glass in it’s transparency, yet wouldn’t be likely to

You can find a lapidary in your area and have quartz cut to your
specs.If you do not know anyone who does this type of work, you can
contact you local gem and mineral club there are always quite a few
members who cut stones. If all else fails you can contact me off
line. I do lapidary work full time and have done this type of work
before. Depending on the size it should not be to expensive. HTH

Jason Penn
Jason Penn Designs