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Mr. Young Park an amazing metalsmith


This gentleman, Mr. Young. C Park, might inspire some on this forum.
He makes aluminium models of world war 2 aircraft by hand. One
project took 6000 hours. A Corsair-- a stunning piece of art work. So
is the Mustang P51, one of my favourite aircraft of all time.

Cheers, Hans


[stunned silence]


Oh my…

Just look. Nothing I can say will speak louder than the pictures.



Oh my, that IS beautiful work! Too bad he’s a retired dentist -
I’d love to have someone like him working on my teeth.

Thanks for the link, Hans.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon


Astonishing! What craftsmanship. I agree with the author of the
article; the P-51 may be the prettiest aircraft ever produced. kpk