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Mr. Clean for silver

Mr. Clean might be great for gold but it’s dead in the water when
it comes to silver.

Not true! A receipe that was passed on by a friend of mine is: 1
capful Mr. Clean w/ 1 cup HOT water, in a glass dish with
aluminum foil.

This works on sterling silver, but not plate (turns plate
black). I find it works best if you put a piece of aluminum foil
flat in the glass dish, pour the Mr. Clean & hot water in, then
submerse your piece. Don’t leave it in longer than necessary.
Admittedly this is not as effective as an ultrasonic, or even a
dip, but it’s great in a pinch.

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks Dianne,

I’ll give it a try with the organics - it might do a better job
than the plate thingy from Rio.

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