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MPG repair still operating?

Help, my foredome powergraver just broke a pin in the handpiece. It
seems Ken Kotoski’s site is not operating and phone is disconnected
and I can’t find any info for the jewelry equipment doctor mentioned
in the archives.

Any suggestions - is MPG repair still operating or is there there
someone else?

creating what you want in platinum, gold and silver

Hi Mich, You can always give me a call, The Jewelry Equipment Dr. at
719-527-1531. I will give Ken at MPG a call and see how things are
going with him. Ken and I are in the same kind of business and we
appreciate you thinking of us for your equipment repair needs.

John Cranor
The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

In response to recent Orchid postings asking about MPG Repair… Ken
of MPG Repair has started a new business, Fine Watch Repair.
Leveraging from his years of repair experience, contacts in our
industry, and extensive training, he is bringing this new service to
the Jewelry industry. He has a new, well equipped, shop and a new
phone number, 406-388-0526 and a new web site, Jewelers now can call someone they know,
someone in their own industry, for watch repair.

MPG Repair and The Jewelry Equipment Dr. have team up to provide
one-stop-shopping for your equipment repair needs. MPG and JED have
worked together many years to provide the best possible equipment
repair service. Now you have one phone number, 719-527-1531, for
equipment repair and a new phone number, 406-388-0526, for fine
watch repair.

Both Ken and I thank you for your business.
John Cranor
The Jewelry Equipment Dr.,
4830 Newstead Pl.,
Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

Below is a note from Ken:

"To: John at JED and Orchid,

John thank you for bringing it to my attention that the fine people
of Orchid were asking about me and MPG Repair.

I no longer have my account with Orchid so I have asked John to post
a reply for those needing to know what is going on with MPG Repair.

MPG Repair would like to thank everyone on Orchid for their support
through the years.

As John has stated I have started a new business and in order to get
it off the ground I have to concentrate on it.

Although Jewelry Equipment Dr and MPG Repair were competitors, John
and Linda of JED and I have been close friends and have worked
together for several years to provide you with the best possiible

It isn’t easy to provide repair service and both John and I know how
important it is that you get your equipment back as quickly as
possible. Just as in your businesses problems arise and sometimes
that can delay repairs.

Sometimes the problems can cause us to change our focus. This has
happened to me and MPG Repair.

I am very excited about my new business in fine watch repair and
invite all of you to call me when you have a need for this type of
work. Or visit our new website at

John also stated that you now have one stop shopping. One place to
send your equipment and one phone number to call. More convience and
still great service. For those of you that have not used JED for
your equipment repair, I know you will be happy with the knowledge,
experience and service that John provides.

John and I thank you for your business.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair (in the process of closing)
Yellowstone Watch Co.

Hello John,

Thanks for giving us the clarification and about Ken’s
new business. It’s good to know who to call on for equipment
repairs and for fine watch repairs.

Judy in Kansas where it’s unseasonably pleasant!!

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944