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Moving to the US and looking for work

Well all, looks like my situation in Norway is pushing me to get
moving, literally. My job at the publishing company officially runs
out the end of this month. Thanks to general feedback from both
people on the net and family and friends, it’s looking like my best
bet may be the Asheville, NC area. Next issue, finding work. Of
course, I’d love to get a jewelry related job, so if anyone knows of
one, let me know. I can do design and fabrication work, casting work
and repairs. Otherwise, I’ve been working with book layout and
production and macintosh tech work as my day job. If anyone has any
leads, please let me know!!


Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway


Check out & look under the “Careers” section on
their homepage. You can also check out Charlotte Cody & Assoc. They
are an industry headhunter. Sorry…I don’t have contact info @ my
fingertips. Try doing a Google search. They are homebased out of
Georgia. They are very good to work with & there is no fee to you!

Good luck!
American Goldworks


I live in Asheville. It is a great place to be but a tough place to
make a living. Please contact me off list if I can help you with any

There is a very large metal community here but it is fragmented. My
school is just beginning to become a focal point here. There are a
several designers who have production facilities here. Small, not lot
much pay, but opportunities are here. This can be a great place to
work out of if you develop markets outside of the region. Hope this

Bill Churlik

Dear Jeanne,

I read your post about moving to the states and hoping to settle in
Ashville, NC. You mentioned that you do book layout work, are you
aware that Lark Books is located in Ashville?

Cathy Wheless