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Moving to Dublin, Ireland - Anyone in those parts?


I’ve been living in Seattle and part of the Seattle Metals Guild for
a while now, but I have some serious wanderlust and have been dying
to move somewhere else for a bit of a change. So when my day-job
offered me the chance to relocate to our Dublin office, I jumped on
the opportunity. I’ll be packing up what little I’m taking with me
and heading off at the end of September to new adventures!

However, I don’t actually know anyone in Ireland. I’ll be taking my
bench and tools, but I doubt I’ll actually have a workshop set up any
time soon after arriving. I was hoping to use the list to find A)
jewellers / metalsmiths / blacksmiths/etc that live in Dublin and
wouldn’t be averse to getting coffee with a stranger from Seattle and
B) anyone who might be renting out workshop space. I’ve been
searching online, but haven’t turned up much, so I thought I’d try
the list!

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide, and I look
forward to (hopefully) meeting some of you once I’m in town!

Tara J. Brannigan

Oh I envy you your move. You made a great decision moving to Dublin.
I lived there for ten years and it is a lovely place. I’ve little to
offer except to suggest that you check out

for rental space. Craigslist never seemed to catch on in Ireland. If
I knew what part of town you were moving to I could recommend good
pubs! Are you with Google or Intel? That would be City Centre pubs or
Leixlip pubs.

Have fun!


I have a good friend from Ireland, I’ll ask if she knows any jewelers
in Dublin. That’s not where she’s from so it’s a long shot, but it
never hurts to ask. Have a blast! I’ve never been, but I hear it’s
amazing. Amery

Amery Carriere Designs

Thanks Daniel, I’ll definitely give that a shot!

Hah, actually neither, though I was at MS for a, well I won’t say
good 5 1/2 years. I’ll be moving over to PopCap Dublin, from our
Seattle office. Love the company and really look forward to the
chance to work with the Irish team! They’re supposed to be a load of
fun, and working right next to Trinity College should be a blast. So
much to see and to do!

Thanks again!
Tara J. Brannigan