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Moving the Edge: the Lewton-Brain foldform competition

The winners of the inaugural Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition will
be announced at the annual Center for Metal Arts conference on
August 6, 2012. The competition, which brought hundreds of entries
from three continents, was launched to recognize the experimental
work being done in foldforming, and to create a benchmark survey of
how this innovative sheet-forming technique is evolving.

A preliminary view of the entries suggests that jewelers who
construct with foldforming techniques are moving into more
sophisticated and less obvious uses of the folded forms.The
competition coincides with the annual Lewton-Brain Conference at
the Center for Metal Arts August 3-6, 2012

A screening of the competition entries will be open to the public on
Friday evening, August 3rd. Specifics are available at

Four Days and a Dinner with Charles Lewton-Brain

“Moving the Edge: Foldforming 2012” is the theme for this year’s
conference with Charles Lewton-Brain at the Center for Metal Arts in
New York’s lush Hudson Valley. Over the course of four high-energy
days, Charles Lewton-Brain will move through all the families of
folds and hundreds of variations, with the opportunity to document
the process and to examine finished elements close-up. He will also
review current topics such as air chasing, plus hammer modifications
for specific forming tasks.

  • Full conference participants may bring your own hammers for

  • Hands-on time each day, with an invaluable chance to consult with
    Charles Lewton-Brain at the workbench about working techniques or
    about your own art process.

  • The conference format encourages questions from the audience, with
    the chance to segue onto pertinent side topics. Bring your camera,
    your questions, and your portfolio for informal networking.

  • The small-group venue is designed for maximum access to the one
    person who still knows a great deal more than anyone else about
    foldforming. There is still room at the conference, just 1 hr
    outside of NYC, for full 4-day attendance or single day passes.

On Friday evening, August 3rd, the public is invited to join us for
a shared dinner and conversation with Charles Lewton-Brain at 6 PM,
followed by a preview of the Foldform Award Entries. Price of
admission is one potluck dish and $10. Come see how foldforming has
evolved, and where international artists are taking it. The Jurors’
Choice Awards will be announced at closing ceremonies on Monday
afternoon, with three winners. Rio Grande is co-sponsoring this
inaugural award.