Moving advice needed

Hello everybody,

We found out yesterday that we’re going to be moving to Dallas, TX
from San Antonio, TX. My husband has been hired by DART as a police
officer. We have two weeks to pack and move.

I need some advice on where the good areas of the Metroplex are, and
how to secure an apartment in them.

I also would like suggestions on how to handle our house here in San
Antonio - we’d like to rent the house through a property management
company, and I’ve never done this before, and would like to avoid
pitfalls. If we sold the house now, we wouldn’t get what we need
from the sale price, especially after the realtors took their cut.
We would end up owing money on a house we’d no longer own. We looked
at selling already.

We’re trying to minimize repeated trips to Dallas for apartment
hunting because of the costs involved: gas, staying somewhere
overnight, meals; plus we have a teething toddler, and a little baby
and that’s never easy in the best of circumstances.

Any advice/suggestions/help is welcome, I’ve moved before, but the
last time I did so all my belongings fit in an 8x6 trailer and I was
single with no kids. Now I have a three bedroom house to pack! The
panic is starting to set in…

Fortunately, my galleries are stocked up, so at least I don’t have
to worry about that.

Please reply off list, thank you so much!

Susannah Page-Garcia
Moonshine Metal Creations