Mouth Blow Torch Instruction

Does anyone know of any upcoming classes in the US on the use of the
mouth blow torch for fusing/granulation?


Hi Deborah,

Although I do not know of any classes currently being offered on the
use of a blow pipe, it is the torch that I use exclusively for
granulation (18K granulation to be specific). If you have any
questions, I would be more than happy to do my best to answer them.

Erich C. Shoemaker
Erich Christopher Designs, LLC


Thanks so much for offering to help. Where to start? I have now
assumed that I need to teach myself. I have read all of the orchid
postings about the blowpipe and I am still a bit confused and would
appreciate any help you can give me.

I have been told that this type of torch can be used to do
granulation on 18 kt yellow gold and on cast items. This is what I
would like to do. To date I have done granulation on 18 kt green and
22 kt yellow.

  1. To begin with I am not clear about the description of needing to
    hold air in one’s cheeks, blowing and inhaling through one’s nose -
    all at the same time. The postings seem to suggest that you must be
    able to do all three things simultaneously, i.e., you can’t stop
    blowing into the mouth piece while you are inhaling through your
    nose. This seems like it is impossible to do and I am wondering if I
    am not understanding the process correctly. A clarification about
    this would be helpful.

  2. One other posting suggested that you have to learn to use the edge
    of the flame since the center is too hot and it also said something
    about the angle at which the torch is held. Any advice you can give
    about this as it relates to granulation would be helpful.

I have been taught put the item on a small kiln and use a bushy
flame to engulf the top of the piece. Do you use a small kiln with
this type of torch?

  1. Can you recommend where I can get the best torch and the type of
    regulator I should get. I will be using propane. Frei and Borel has
    a mouth blowpipe torch and they recommend using a disposable
    tank/disposable regulator. I hoped to use a slightly larger propane

I am sure there is so much else about this process that I don’t
understand so please add any comments that you think might be helpful
to me.

I can be contacted @Deborah_Santor_and_K.


Hi Deborah,

I don’t know about some of your questions, I am not in the US, but I
use a mouth blown blowtorch most days and find it very controllable.

The trick with the circular breathing as it is called is that you
have to restrict the hole you blow out through. If you get a bit of
tube with about an 1/8" inside hole and thick enough to grip in your
lips, I have a piece of about 3/8" polythene tube witha nylon nozzle
wedged in the end that I hold lightly in my teeth. It’s a little
difficult to remember, I just do it ! Then practice blowing out using
your cheeks as bellows. You will find that you can take a breath in
much faster than you blow out. Start with your cheeks well puffed out
and then practice, you don’t need a torch you can sit in front of the
TV and do it, it’s a bit like learning to ride a bike, once you can
do it you don’t know how not to.

regards Tim.

I bought a foot air pump for $1.59 at the Goodwill store. The kind
used to fill air mattresses or rubber boats. Connected an airline
between pump and torch. Use the pump instead of learning the cheek
filling circular breathing method. If you learn how to do the
circular breathing method you will be able to play a didgeridoo…
or if you learn didgeridoo you will be able to use a mouth torch…
whichever comes first…