Motorized casting machine

I am interested in buying a motorized casting machine. Something like
the Arbe or the Romanoff machines. I would appreciate advice from
anyone who is familiar with this type of casting machine. Also,if
anyone has a good used one for sale, I am a serious prospect.

thank you, Andy, Phoenix Az.

I’ve had a Degussa Motorcast (Ney) for years and have liked it. I
bought it so we could cast platinum safely and it works well for
that. We use it for everything (gold and platinum). It’s just a
motorized centrifugal casting machine, no vacuum or over-pressure.
But it has a steel door that protects you from any flying molten
platinum. It has 4 rpm settings, we use 350rpm for gold and 450rpm
for platinum. You place the flask, set the crucible, torch melt your
metal and then close the door quickly, the moment the door closes
the thing is up to speed. I believe the quality and density of the
castings are improved over a spring operated spin casting machine.
But for close to 5K for a new one I’m not sure I’d buy it if you
don’t need it for platinum.