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Motor Shaft Adapter

Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a used Handler dust collector
cabinet with a Baldor polishing lathe permanently bolted on top
under the dust hoods. The Baldor motor has the 3/8 inch quick
change tapered shafts. This dust collector has tremendous suction
and will make my finishing area a lot cleaner and safer.

Here is my problem. I do a great deal of pre-finish sanding using a
3 inch sanding drum that uses cut strips of abrasive paper. At
present I only have dust masks to protect me from the dust this drum
sander throws off. This sanding drum will only mount on to an 1/2
inch straight motor shaft. I would like to use this sanding drum on
the Baldor polishing lathe with the quick change tapered shafts. I
already have most of the Baldor spindles (Baldor calls them chucks)
that are used to mount accessories on to the Baldor lathe. You can
see these spindles on page 380 of the Rio Grande 2001 tool catalog.

Where can I buy or have made a adapter spindle that will accept the
sanding drum? It would have to be a 3/8 inch taper on the inside
and an1/2 inch straight shaft on the outside. Any ideas? Thank you.
David Luck