Most productive way to produce shot

Hi Gang,

Xuron makes a double flush cutter that has a retainer on each side
to keep the wire from flying off after being cut. When I had the
need to cut a number of equal lengths of wire I modified the cutter
a bit.

The 2 sides of the cutter are held together by a shoulder screw &
nut. I removed the screw & one of the ‘retainers’. In place of the
retainer & substituted a bracket that I fashioned from metal with a
thickness equal to the retainer. To the bracket I attached an
adjustable stop. Now I can cut multiple lengths of wire from about
4 mm to 360 mm long.

By adjusting the length & selecting the proper gauge of wire, exact
size granules can be produce with ease.


    There's a tool called a tubing cutter jig (e.g., Rio Grande
#113-839) which can eliminate the measuring part so all you have
to do is cut -- and that's a lot easier than making rings and
sawing (in my opinion, of course). 

I’ve seen the tool. I just have no need for it. On those few
occasions when I need straight SHORT pieces of wire I just use the
hole-in-a-pvc-tube method. And since I already use a bazillion jump
rings, I’ve already got them, they’re always the same size, etc.
Just easier for me.