Most memorable customers. Heartfelt

Dear Posters, I have one short story to tell about 3 customers I saw
once, not again. While working at the bench, the intercom sent a
message for me to go to the selling floor. When there, I saw a
relatively young couple, the husband holding an infant. The head of
the child was wrapped in a blanket and I could only see a bit of
nose and mouth showing. This couple wanted an id bracelet for the
baby. The sales person had help them select a Ballou overlay baby
sized id. Of course, the chain bracelet part was too long for the
tiny, tiny wrist. So, I fetched some pliers and adjusted the
bracelet to fit, just right.

The couple had a look in their eyes I cannot describe. Yet, I do
remember it well. This was an acceptance, of love, of joy…who
knows, too much to try to inject my perceptions into. When the
bracelet was engraved and I placed it once again on the child’s
wrist, all was good and done.

Then, I found out the story. The news had been telling of a little
girl baby, born with only a brain stem, little developed brain. She
had just enough to keep the body going for a while. I touched this
wonderful unmoving child and thanked Creator for the chance to be a
small part of this family for a moment. She died soon thereafter.
There was not enough to survive but for a while, enough to have an
id bracelet with her name on it.

I feel the emotion now, years later and really must stop typing.
Long years have passed since that blessing in my life. I will not
forget those special customers.

Blessings and Peace to All…anywhere, any faith, any race…we all
have hearts and I know that. Life is a precious gift some of us are
fortunate to enjoy.

Thomas.@Sp.T For our struggle is not against flesh
and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against
the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of
evil in the heavenly realms.