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Mosquitoes, was Headaches in smaller working areas?

    Hi DP, My studio is pretty much "open air" in the summer heat,
which does cause some problems. Most frustrating are the

I do a lot of outdoor shows, and I usually get eaten alive by
mosquitoes at every show. That was, until I discovered by accident a
way to repel mosquitoes. A couple years ago I was advised by a
holistic medical practitioner to start taking Vitamin B-complex
capsules to help ease some early carpal tunnel symptoms. After a few
weeks of taking one Vitamin B-50 cap a day, I noticed that
mosquitoes were no longer biting me at shows. They would land on me,
walk around and leave again! Nothing else had changed in my diet or
the booth environment. I did a bit of reading and found other
anecdotal reports of Vitamin B complex acting as an insect repellant
when taken internally. It won’t hurt you, and it may help.

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry