More stone setting tips

-Hello All:

Here is another stone setting question- I have been setting a lot of
turqouise,lapis and coral lately in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm sizes. When I sand
blast a finished piece I ususally use masking tape on the stones which
sometimes can be a real pain in the butt. Can someone suggest using
something easier to apply? I am going to experiment with nail polish on
some chipped stones but I am afraid the nail polish might hurt the stones
because they are so soft.

Any tips would be appreciated!


Try dripping soft or sticky wax on the stone. The wax steams off easily
when you are done. — John Winters

Dede, Try small flexible rubber tubing or heat shink tubing from electronic
supply house. Lubricate with water or glyserin to attach Marcus

Hi DeDe, I melt injection wax onto stones to protect them from the
sandblaster. when finished, I just flick it off with a fingernail. Very
quick and hurts nothing. Have fun. Tom Arnold

Hi DeDe, Try rubber adhesive it just peels off when you are done and should
not hurt the stone. I use it with opals all the time and it works great. I
am not sure how it will stand up to sand blasting you will have to
experiment and also it does take a while to dry. Mike


I’ve had good luck using rubber cement as a mask for sandblasting. If
the part to be covered is very clean, the rubber cement holds well. How
well it works depends on the media that you are using, the pressure that
you’re operating at, …and Murphy’s Law.


DeDe, Got and Idea …how about the rubber stuff that you can buy that
coats handles of tools and such that cures rather impervious to any sand
blasting…I don’t have a name put have seen it in Rio Grande cat. for
coating han0dles of pliers. I have tried it and works very well and peels
of with alittle work but some releases might work faster…haven’t
experimented yet
Ron Kreml

To Mike, l’ve been recieving some great advise about stone setting and it
seems that you use rubber ad. for your opals. l was wondering if this
woould be the same method for setting pearls? expansive gift, l would hate
to fry them. can some one, anyone give me some advise. thanks annelise.

hi dede: one thing you might try is liquid latex rubber-paint it on and
let it dry. it should do the trick & you can peel it off with a toothpick
or fingernail. good luck!