More on contaminated white gold

Thank you to all who answered my question about the milling of mixed
white gold alloys. I had the sneaking suspicion that I shouldn’t mix
the two when I did, but it was for my mother, and she was so hopeful
that her old ring could be a part of her new one, and I didn’t listen
to my intuition.

My next question is whether I might be able to use the contaminated
metal to cast a band with…one that I would do nothing further to
other than clean up and polish? Or will the inherent brittleness
still be a problem, even though I do no milling, fabricating, or
machining of it? Thanks again! Karen

Karen, You still have a risk of cracking if you have to size it in
the future. But it will cast ok.
Larry Seiger

use the contaminated metal to cast a band with.

Karen, in my opinion you should send the contaminated stuff to the
refiner. You may have already ruined one crucible, don’t go for two.
By the way, I would also discard the crucible you used to mix the two
whites and replace it. I’ve never tried casting the two mixed, but
can almost guarantee it will cause you several days of grief, although
it may well add substantially to the quality of your curses. Mike.

Excellent response; in addition just sell the bad metal to the
refiner and Take a 10 to 15 % lost , because if you dont and you try
and reuse this bad Metal , you would be wasting your labor . Use
the money and buy clean Casting grains. good luck .such a transaction
is called cutting your loses. have a nice day . Dujon.