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More "bits" for steel punch?

I have a punch almost exactly like this one:

At some point someone had a site where you could order other shapes
of “punches” to put in it. I have searched and searched, and can’t
find either the post or a site that carries these extra bits.

Anyone know a place that does? My memory is that some were
rectangles, squares, etc… fit the same handle part…


Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

That link is to either a copy of or a not labeled standard Roper
Whitney hand punch.

This pattern will not take shapes other than round as both the punch
and die a loose to turn in the punch body.

So only round will work in this hand tool.

However Roper Whitney also make larger versions of this type of tool
for bench mounting.

I havnt look but can also recall different shape punches can be
used. So the punch and dies for the bench tool will be held
differently in these larger models.

Your are starting to look at production tooling. Are there any s/h
machinery dealers near you? they might just have a fly pres of say 1
to 2 tons.

small enought for the normal jewellers w/shop but much more
versatile than a larger bench type of the illustrated punch.

Beth, You can get other shapes of punches and dies from Roper

You should probably have a genuine “Whitney Punch” not a Chinese
knockoff so the punch and die will fit it properly. I have purchased
a shaped punch and die and they are expensive.

David Luck

You can get other shapes of punches and dies from Roper Whitney. 

Recently, after thinking I might like to have one of these hand
punches to punch out 4 mm holes in my bead blanks, my husband looked
at a picture of the unit online, went out to his shed and returned
with a very nice old Parker Kalon punch. Works great!

Now, do you think he can find my pressure canner that haven’t been
seen since we moved here almost seven years ago? I have pumpkin and
tomatoes I’d like to can in my “spare” time…

Linda in central FL