More about Carving Tiny Figures/Pewter

Model making pewter: Pewter that is presently available in wire/rod
/sheet is made of pure tin and has No lead or other alloys.This is
commonly used in model making and is available in various sheet and
rod/wire sizes very inexpensively from the Contenti Co. at
800-343-3364 .

Cast White Metal is an alloy of tin and other alloys that have
specific uses in the casting field. Yes, They still make and use lead
/tin alloys , but not as much as they used to. There is a number
associated with each type of white metal… your lower numbers
usually include lead and are the cheapest alloys. The higher numbers
usually do not have lead in them unless specifically requested. An
example:# 36 alloy has lead in it (36 being the percentage of tin in
the alloy) # 88 alloy usually does not have lead in it today and is a
good casting alloy. # 96 alloy has no lead and is used primarily to
cast production models as it has the highest heat resistance of all
the cast whitemetals .

White metal can be carved using conventional hand tools and motorized
tools. Burrs and files will clog easily so clean them often. What works
best to cut/carve cavities in white metal is to use drills in place
of burrs…use the side of a sharp drill on your flexshaft and it
will not clog Hope this helps… I’ve gotta get back to work! Daniel
Grandi We do casting and finishing in gold,
silver, bronze/brass and Pewter for people in the business.