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Monogram Software

When I am designing lettering, I use an old copy of Corel Draw.? It
allows me to compose using all the fonts on my computer.? I can bent
or rotated a letter or make a line of text follow a path like the
inside or outside of a circle or oval.?

In addition to the other transfer methods that have been mentioned in
the past, one that I often use is to print the design about 3 or 4
times larger than I want for the finished item.? I mount the paper on
my pantograph’s type tray and trace it with reduction onto the item.?
Using just enough pressure to leave a light scribe line, I can
transfer all the detail I need.? Then when I start hand engraving, I
don’t have to worry about rubbing off an ink transfer.


Try… some free, some you buy. A good resource.