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MoMo watch

Hello everyone, I have a momo italian watch I got from a customer of
mine and it had stopped running. So, I replaced the battery and it
still does not run. Does anyone know if these watches have to be
jumped or press something to get the watch running? I did check the
old battery and it was bad. If anyone can help or maybee give me a
contact to someone that would know about these watches. Thanks

Morrow Jewelers

I am not familiar with the Momo brand but I am sure I can help you
if you give me some info. Is this a watch with hands or is it
digital? If it has hands, does it have a 2nd hand? Is it pulsing or
totally still?

If its a digital, is there a place on the movement that says "AC’’?
And , what number battery is it?

There are just a few movement makers in the world, so I am probably
familiar with it, if we can identify it. You are welcome to email me
offline to figure this out if you like,

Ed in Kokomo