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Molten pennies

Hi, One of my favorite things to use as a spacer while soldering is a
penny. They are cheap, small, plentiful, roll down well…I could go
on. I was told years ago NOT to use American pennies, they have a low
melting point (something else to hold against the Americanos). Anyway,
I just discovered that they have changed the recipe for Canadian
pennies too. I found out by ruining a big piece of silver, the
pennies attach themselves to your metal like lead. I thought I should
put out a warning, ONLY USE OLD PENNIES. And dont let the Mint catch
you! karen in vancouver

Karen, the penalty for melting US coins is three days in Newark,

In Mexico we use old Mx coins–wonderful array of thicknesses. Never
had one glop onto a piece I was working on [I can only imagine the horror–so sorry for you]. They’re bought really cheaply in antique
stores; poss. sim. scenario in other foreign countries. One more
thing to look for on travels…