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Mold release alternative


Is there something I can find at the grocery/hardware store or
perhaps under the sink that would make for a good mold release for a
vulcanized rubber mold? I was thinking talcum powder but I didn’t
want to leave any pits. Wanted to work on my project this weekend
but I forgot to order mold release from Rio. Dang.


Silicone spray and unscented talc, which is Jewelers talc. Fine talc
won’t cause issues, if you use a bag with doubled tee shirt material
held with rubberband.


Just a WAG (Wild As* Guess) but what about silicone spray, available
at mostauto parts and larger hardwares. It is usually used to
lubricate rubber door mouldings and window channels so that ice
won’t stick the moulding to metal up here in the frozen north (ok
not so frozen this month +7c or 46f right now)


Thanks for the WAG!
Working like a charm.


Arrowroot powder.

I used talc in a sock for 20 years then moved over to the spice
Arrowroot. they both work fine.

Silicone spray needs to be a fine mist. I get mine from Zero D
Products. Get my mold rubber from them also. For 25-20 years.
Excellent products. Including a gray low shrink, and a firm, and a
softer more pliable rubber. They have other mold products.

You have to be careful in your choice of silicone sprays. Some
commercially available use solvents that will dissolve rubber.