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Mold making


I would like to send a picture to start a conversation about having
you make me either a mold or a couple hundred on a item


What are you actually after? I can make you molds, using mold
material of your choice. I can cast waxes, clean up waxes, sprue
waxes cast waxes (cast in metal of your requirements), clean,
polish, what ever. Many ways and many materials to make molds
in/with. Many ways to “make” the molds. On and on and on…

Do you have a particular question(s) or are you looking for someone
to do this sort of work for you or???

john dach


John - It’s pretty hard to figure out what you want -

  1. Your pictures are too fuzzy to see what you are doing
  2. what materials are you casting?
  3. the scale is nice - is it millimeters or inches?
  4. Are you planning to finish the work?
  5. Are you providing the model?
  6. What kind of ship time vs order do you need?
  7. where are you - for purposes of delivery?

JS Hoch