Mold Cutting

I have to weigh in on this one. I picked up a “Mold Mate” for a
song when Swest closed its store in Seattle. I was surprised to find
that I really, really liked it. Once you clamp the mold, you can
move it all around. You can adjust the length of the ball chain so
that the mold is positioned correctly no matter how big it is.
You’ve got your choice of clamps (small one for just about
everything, big one for thick/big vulcanized rubber molds). You’ve
got your church key that swings out and also the notched church key.
I never have figured out what the little teflon circle is supposed to
be for. Blade replacement? I use pliers for that. On the con side,
it’s really expensive unless you are cutting hundreds of molds. You
also have to have some gripping power on your non-dominant hand
because you’re holding the molds open. This can get tiring over the
course of a day. Knowing what I know now, though, I’d buy one for
full price if I didn’t have one.

Dana Carlson

Dear Alchemist,.The mold cutting device you are describing is the one
made by Stanley Kruger of Albuquerque. I have one and love it. But
the one under discussion was made in the 1970’s by Angelo Cardono,
which uses a pair of metal arms, locking jaws and threaded adjusting
screws. It’s pretty awkward.

Michael Knight