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Mokumo Gane with silver, copper and titanium

I’ve come across an article that describes a piece as Mokumo Gane with silver, copper and titanium. Although I’ve some experience with other metal combinations I’m intrigued. Does anyone have any information about this, seemingly impossible, technique?

When I asked, the titanium was a press fit liner, not fused with the other metals.

Maybe a photo will help?

The short answer is Mokume Gane is a material made by laminating multiple layers of different metals, generally by a process called eutectic bonding.
For a lot more information, find a copy of “Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study”, by Steve Midgett

I’ll begin again.

I’ve made many billets of Mokumo Gane but never one with titanium as one of the layers.

Has anyone done this, got any information about it?

In the book Mokumé Gane by Ian Ferguson, there’s a section about titanium and silver or copper. His notes make it sound difficult to work. For Fine Silver/Titanium, he fused at 600-650 c, for 30-60 min in an argon atmosphere.
That’s beyond my little shops capabilities so I haven’t tried it myself.

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Hi Tony,
you might remember me as the titanium smith amongst other things in dorset UK.
I researched the use, alloys, working and metallurgy of titanium, some yrs ago and theres nothing I dont know about it.
Id be happy to help but its now only off list.
I still get posts to see what for example Albric or Jim Grahl are up to, this forum is not for me .
The main UK developer of this metal and its products was IMI in Whitton b’ham uk.I worked closely with them and have many kilos of it here in all thicknesses.
Whether its worth going down this hi tech road depends on the end product you have in mind and its marketing price.
Only you can deside this., to start with you would need,

  1. An argon chambered , 100% oxygen free kiln? with a viewing window and a carefully controlled temp regulator.
  2. a TIG setup .this is ,argon supply, an ac to dc inverter welder going down to 5 amps ,a suitable small hand held TIG torch. ad a dedicated auto dimming welding helmet.

There are much simpler ways of making the MG effect using mechanical ways of layering the different metals including the titanium.
A big however, on its own titanium is a dull grey. Only when its highly polished THEN!! only then does it reward you with its stunning colouring.
This happens at 6 to 7\00 Deg C. too close to the damaging temp of your silver, copper and brass or of course you could use gold.
.I use an argon shielded technique called TIG. to make 999 titanium torques on a regular basis. also use this method to make other torques thar need melting/fusing ,particularly 316 s/steel. Ive posted pics of both these here in the past year.
Im at
vladimir.frater@gmail dot com if you want to take it further.

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