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Mokume gane with Argentium Silver

Hello all,

Some time ago, 18 months or more I think, there was a brief
discussion on Orchid about mokume gane with Argentium Silver. I
believe there was speculation as to whether it could be done, may or
may not be possible, etc. Well, I’m happy to say that it is possible,
is now being produced by Phil Baldwin of Shining Wave Metals and is
available through Rio Grande.

The stuff I’ve seen from Phil is Argentium + Copper (21 layers plus
a thick Argentium backing) and is available in a small variety of
pre-made patterns or as billets that you can use to make your own
patterns. I’ve used one of the pre-mades already and quite liked it.
I also have a billet that I will tackle when I can screw up the
courage to do so.

If you’re interested in seeing more I’ve recently posted about it at
my blog,

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
Visit at