Mokume Gane Sizing stock

Does anyone know of any Mokume Gane sizing stock (square 4 - 5mm x
1.5mm 5 - 7 inches) in rose, white and yellow gold? (Wood grain
pattern, if possible) I know Reactive Metals sells the billet but, I
doubt I will be able to get my hands on a rolling mill.

Also, Karen (MetalWerx) - - are you going to offer the Mokume Gane
class again? If so, is there any chance Steve Midgett is going to be
involved? If so, please sign me up now!

Thank you, one and all,


I’ve inserted gold frames and set diamonds before to increase the
size of Mokume Bands. Customer loved it.

I ended up selling a 1/2 carat diamond as well as the band.

-Stanley Bright