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Mokume Gane sheets

Holy Mazoly,

I just read the query about where to buy mokume gane sheets.

Do people really sell mokume gane sheets? Already made up as a raw
material? I didn’t know that. That’s maybe because I’m very
out-of-it in so many ways. I made some of that stuff about 40 years
ago and I didn’t know much about it, just what I’d read in a book
about Japanese swords. I didn’t know anybody who knew about it
either. I was silly enough to think I was the only person in North
America who’d ever heard of it. Ain’t youth grand? Anyway, by blind
good luck some of it worked out pretty well and I made several
pieces of jewelry out of it. I remember I made a tie clip for my dad

  • that’s how long ago it was - folks wore ties. I never made any
    more of it again because it was too chancy for me and my meagre
    equipment and skills. I see that some very accomplished people are
    making things out of mokume gane pretty routinely now - but I always
    figured they made up their own raw material, as I suppose the best
    of them do. I stand in awe of their skills. But then I thought, why
    shouldn’t some clever industrial-minded person have decided to make
    and sell the stuff by the yard. It seems a bit like taking the deep
    art out of the craft, but so much else comes ready-made today - why
    fight the tide?

After some more thought I decided I don’t want to get any - even if
it is out there. I mean, where’s the challenge? Anyway, how do
people order it? Like plywood? Let’s see now, how about a 4’ x 8’
sheet, 9-ply, silver, copper, gold, (no brass please), good 2 sides,
marine grade, 1/4" thick (I’ll roll it out to about 120 square feet)
That’s enough to get me through a few days production of high-end
mokume gane i-pod cases.

Not one word about garden slugs in this post except an apology for
starting that whole digression a few days back.

Marty in Victoria where the first cruise ships of the season are
beginning to drift over the horizon. Now, as examples of weird
design, they are really a study.

        ago and I didn't know much about it, just what I'd read in
a book about Japanese swords. I didn't know anybody who knew about

Do you mean the patterned steel? Because you can buy that too, in
billet form.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Several types of mokume-gane sheets are available at

I recently bought a piece of their 4-color (copper, shakudo,
shibuichi, and sterling) “bubble” pattern, and it’s gorgeous!
Can’t wait to get home and play with it…

Check out the many other fun things on the site - usual disclaimers,
just a happy customer.

Jessee Smith
near Lecanto, FL for now