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Mokume-Gane Rings


Hi All, Needs some help. Making a his and hers set of Mokume-Gane
rings. Book says his should be 14 g and hers 18 g.

The material is 18 g so her ring gets end rings to close off the

To make his ring in 14 g, I made a copper ring of 22 g and a copper
ring of 18 g where the one slipped into the other before soldering
on end rings. Also sweat soldered 18 g to 22 g and rolled it as one
piece to see which method was better. His ring is a big size 12 1/2.

Which method might actually produce a nicer ring for him? Why do the
the edges of the ring flare out from the center? Creates a lot of
filling off of very beautiful material.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

The Mokume-Gane material is from Reactive Metals in Arizona and is
outstandingly beautiful.

Bill in Vista