[Mokume-Gane] Class


Just thought you might enjoy a report on the mokume class that I
took last week with Steve Midgett at the Revere Jewelry Academy
in San Francisco. It was great, but alas 1 week was not long

Steve Midgett is a very good teacher. Clear and patient with the
students. We made our own kilns carved from soft kiln bricks and
then set firmly in some galvanized metal boxes. We used 2
torches to create the heat. Lots of preparation to thouroughly
clean the metal with glass bristle brushes. The metal palette is
then firmly clamped with an industrial drop-forged C-clamp.

We learned two methods to pattern the metal, chasing from the
bottom and sanding down, and also carving from the top and then
forging and rolling flat.

The Revere facility is pretty good, altho’ a little cramped with
a dozen people running around. Steve always emphasized that we
work and learn together as teams, which I found very helpful.

James Binion stopped by the class with an incredible mokume
tea-pot that he has made. Great class!



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Do you have any class notes? Our guild conducts workshops and
this sounds very interesting. Thanks.


Hi everyone, thanks for this group

I recently attended a workshop of Steve’s in Kent, Washington.
I’m jealous as mine was only 3 days long. Still very
informative. I found out about the workshop shortly after I
bought his book and video. These are very clear and helpful
though of course being there and having him available to help
troubleshoot and guide is invaluable. I think a copy of his
video would offer a great intro and “set of notes” for the kind
of workshop he could offer your group. Michelle

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