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Mokume annealing question

Hey everyone!
I had a rather random question about mokume (one that I feel I should know the answer to, but oh well).

I’d like to make a billet of platinum, 14kt yellow, and 14kt red gold, and fortunately had a thought before I started it: If platinum anneals at 1800 degrees F, and 14kt yellow gold melts at 1550, how in tarnation do I get the billet annealed for each subsequent working step without melting the gold elements? Could I, say, put it in a furnace at 1400 degrees for an extended amount of time (like a few hours)?

I know I’ve seen mokume with this composition, but I’m at a loss as to how the heck they anneal the darn thing.


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You’re annealing should never be over the estética point of you’re metals in the billet , never the less I believe longer anneal holding timed do work , I’ve made lots of silver/palladium Mokume and just hold my torch at as hot as I can without melting the silver and count 10 seconds for the temp to penetrate the inside of the billet

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