Mokume afficiandos

Greetings, I have made a number of copper/silver and shakudo/silver
billets using the diffusion kiln method. In ring construction I
have used mokume as an inlay.

I will be making a pair of commitment bands in 18k yellow gold with
a center inlay of mokume. My first inclination was to make an 18k
green/sterling silver billet for the inlay. The clients are looking
for more contrast so I suggested 22 or 24k/sterling silver combo.
The inlay in one ring will be slightly inset and flush in the other.

My questions are #1 Which combo is easier to work as a billet (my
research indicates the 22k/sterling combo is easier)? #2 Will wear
be a significant factor if I use the 22 or 24/sterling as an inlay?
#3 If I use 22k is there an alloy that works better than another.

Thanks muchly,
Donna Hiebert

I would go with a 22k and sterling combo. 24k is tough to work with
because it just too soft. One other option is to get some PureGold
tm which is .9985 gold with small amounts of alloying metals it is
harder than fine gold and can be heat treated in a kiln to make it
as hard as 18k

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