Moku-me etiquette

Well boys and girls ive done it again now i can’t not tell you about
it ! i dont have a web site so i cant put the pic up for every one
to see but i made moku-me out of red gold, palladium & silver. I
broke all the rules #1 i used acetelyne to melt the palladium into
an ingot and i didnt use any tool wrap ( or hide glue ) the steel
plates were too thin inside a pile of stacked of fire brick with a
torch and the last time i actually made any was in 1991 at gary
noffkee’s Univ. of Georgia jewelry studio and it still worked ( on
the first try), HA ! who says you need all that fancy dancy stuff.
so to all you out there keep tryin success is within your grasp -goo