Mojave Stone

Well folks, here’s what (I think) I know:

Mojave Stone is a blend (similar to Eilat stone) of Azurite,
Malachite, Chrysocolla, Copper, Cuprite, Turquoise, and Copper
(or any combination of the above).

The original mine was “trademarked”, hence the name Mojave
Stone. Then the mine closed and true Mojave Stone was not
available for some time. I have a few, big, beautiful cabs of
it (purchased from the widow of a man that had been a lapidary
for 50 years – <every time I referred to the stones as
azurite/malachite, she would adamantly correct me and say "it’s
MOJAVE Stone!>)

I seem to recall recently (last 6 months?) reading a blurb in
either the LJ or Rock and Gem that said the mine had reopened,
but that they weren’t allowing/finding any material out that
would cut bigger than an 18X13 cab.

I’m getting ready to market some of the cabs on eBay, and I
absolutely don’t want to mislead or misrepresent this material -
I’ve scanned the magazines and I can’t find the stupid “blurb” I
thought I saw. So here’s my questions:

1. How long was mine open originally?
2. When did it close, and for how long?
3. Is the mine in fact producing again, and can you get anything larger than 
	an 18x13?
4. What is the location of the mine?
5. What do you call it when someone "trademarks" a stone/mine?
6. Any other pertinent legends, stories, or good stuff!

Thanks in advance for your help and

Kristi Stutt
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yesterday, tho :)>